Engineered Hardwood Floors for Basements

engineered hardwood flooring

Engineered hardwood is a great choice for a floor that mimics the look of solid hardwood. It is made up of several layers, including a wear layer and a core. The thickness of the core and veneer varies by manufacturer and design. The thickness of the core determines the durability and stability of the HEPH flooring Australia. A good example of an engineered wood floor is Carlisle engineered wood flooring, which has a 90-degree grain angle.

Engineered Hardwood Floor Planks Come In Different Lengths And Widths

When choosing a hardwood floor for a basement, be sure to look into engineered wood. Solid hardwood cannot be installed in basements below ground level. Because the plywood core is only 3/4” thick, you may experience problems installing solid hardwood over a concrete subfloor. However, engineered hardwood requires no plywood subfloor and can be installed directly over concrete. And, you can also choose to install it over existing wood flooring if the subfloor is already in place.

Engineered hardwood floor planks come in different lengths and widths. These factors will affect the overall look of the floor. Longer planks have more character, while shorter ones have fewer seams. Longer planks are better for larger rooms. A wide floor plank also requires fewer boards. The thickness is less important than the type of wood, as it can be thinner than solid hardwoods. But you should always check the manufacturer’s warranty to be sure.