Best Telescope Under $200 – A Simple Guide

In This info article, I’ll share with you the best picks for best large telescopes under $200. (Preferably before start, please read on.) (This is a general guide to selecting large telescopes, not a “be all end all” list. Best pick of course, will vary based on individual needs and preferences. Be sure to explore different options and narrow down your choices if necessary) By no means is this list meant to be all inclusive. Please do your due diligence, and I hope you find the information above helpful in your search for the perfect large telescope under $200.

Here Is What You Should Do For Your Best Telescope Under $200 – A Simple Guide

First off, I would like to introduce my favorite big seller, the refractor telescope. The main reason I love refractors so much is because they tend to offer a better view of objects with less coma, etc. This means they are better for landscape photos and nautical images where you want to see the whole object rather than just an outline. The downside is, these can be a bit pricey, especially if you plan on using it on a regular basis. Also, the eyepieces need to be strong and/or custom fitted to accommodate for the strength needed.

Second favorite large telescope in this article is the reflecting telescope. This model is also a refractor, however, this time instead of a tube to focus the light, the mirror works instead. What this means is the mirror allows the telescope to bend light from a normal reflector, which in turn produces an image. These are a great way to obtain high quality images with high magnification. My advice is to research models based on aperture, lens, focal length and price before making a final purchase.